TNKA Partner NEXTIVA Gives You the Power to Take Your Business Anywhere

We are thrilled to partner with Nextiva to provide yet another on-demand perk for all TNKA members. With Nextiva’s Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone service, you can better manager your employees, streamline your business model, enhance your branding, achieve a more professional look to your customers and save money! It’s just one of the many benefits we’re putting together to help your cleaning company succeed. As we always say, when your cleaning business runs smoothly, we’re all better able to elevate the work we do, and that means cleaner, healthier public spaces and a better functioning cleaning industry as a whole.


Overcoming a Common Challenge

The truth is, most janitorial companies run their businesses off of their cell phones, allowing employees to use their personal cell phones too. We don’t blame cleaning companies for opting with this seemingly simple solution, even though it poses many problems for their business.  


For example, how do we monitor those conversations, knowing new employees are providing adequate customer service? And how can our clients keep track of our business when they have a few different cell phone number associated with us? Plus, let’s face it: Turnover is a recurring problem we face in the cleaning business, and allowing employees to use their cell phones means that when they leave the company, we lose contacts. And even worse, those employees may be bringing our prized customer contacts along with them to their next venture.


Nextiva is a simple solution to these challenges. It’s a cloud-based phone system that centralizes all your employees’ phone calls to clients in one easy-to-use and manage app. There’s one phone number for your business, and many features to help you manage usage and keep those hard-earned contacts confidential and proprietary.


“Just like everything else in the cloud, this service provides transparency and allows you to take your business wherever you go,” says Antonio Lopes, Senior Account Executive and Nextiva VOIP (voice over internet protocol) Advisor. “Most importantly, it keeps everything in network. Whether multiple employees, locations or both, VOIP unifies your business.”


What We Love About It

We love how the Nextiva system tracks your business and employees’ phone usage too. Calls and activity can be logged by user and calls can even be recorded to help promote professional courtesy and keep up with your employees.


Better yet, now all phone calls coming from any member of your staff can be branded with one central business number and your business’s name. It automatically ups your credibility and professionalism, making it easier for customers and potential customers to identify you. This one simple feature helps a small business just starting out to really establish themselves in the market.


All TNKA members will get a full cloud-based VOIP phone system through NEXTIVA for a super-discounted monthly fee. This service then gives your employees the ability to make and receive calls from an app on their phone, which protects your proprietary customer contact information while giving them the mobile access to communicate.


In addition to all of those essential business-protection and simplification perks, you also get dozens of business class features, such as conference lines, video conferencing, texting, music on hold, and caller ID available and at your fingertips at all times. You get unlimited support from Antonio and the team of experts at Nextiva whenever you need it. That includes a help line, tutorials and the ability to log into the dashboard and manage the system yourself.


We’re thrilled to be featuring Antonio Lopes on an upcoming webinar where we will ask him more information about this system and tips for coordinating VOIP and other cloud-based communications tools to better serve small businesses.  TNKA webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 10am, go to and click on the provided link.


We’re on a mission to change the way spaces are cleaned and business is done in this industry, but we aren’t going to get anywhere if we don’t have a team of members whose businesses are thriving and ready to join the revolution! We’re in this together, and your successes are the entire industry’s gains. These member benefits are just the beginning of  the ways we can help your business do better. That’s why we’re offering new members the ability to access all of these perks for free for 60 days. There’s no risk; try it out and see how it helps your bottom line. Join the TNKA Clean Revolution and let these perks start working for you today!


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