About TNKA

Trans-National Kempt Association [TNKA] is the promoter of public health and environmental safety management within the cleaning business industry. As a market influencer, trendsetter, and promoter of business intelligence for analytics to propitiate growth and advancement, TNKA is an organization that recognizes the strength in the market, and the expert knowledge, ability, and propensity of industry veterans to create a code of ethics, regulations, and standards that will validate the profession of one of the strongest market segments in the business sector globally.

By fostering the opportunity for businesses to share their best practices, spot emerging trends, and experience fresh ideas through webinars, workshops, meet-and-greets, and social media, TNKA will turn many small voices into one persuasive, collective shout.

Through representation and the establishment of strategic alliances, working interdependently with government & regulatory authorities, TNKA will ensure that they are getting the most accurate view of what is good for the entire cleaning industry.

Though there are many serious issues that currently affect the industry—such as immigration and health care reform, there are also a number of trends emerging and reemerging.

Standard operating procedures are all over the map creating tremendous challenges in creating uniformity for the sake of public health. Collectively TNKA will help maintain those standards.

TNKA extends similar leverage, access to the innovative best practices and winning strategies that provide more political clout, which is helpful whenever proposed legislation threatens the industry.

Through self-regulation and bolstering members through education, our collective will strengthen the industry building consumer confidence in members’ brands, products, and services.